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My name is E. Werner Reschke. I am a local business owner and family man. I was also elected as the Republican nominee for State Representative in Oregon’s 56th District by margin of nearly 3:1 — the largest margin of victory in over 20 years for contested Republican primary in this district. 

My candidacy is based on protecting our natural Constitutional rights, which come from God the Creator. Those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For the past 100 years government, run by progressive liberals in both parties, have been on a steady march to take away our natural rights. With your help, together we can restore Oregon’s former glory and return to the pioneering spirit which made Oregon great.

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Limited Government, No On 97

Our country was founded on the truth of a Creator who gave humanity the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Founders then constructed a constitutional government of, by and for the people to protect those natural rights. The Founders continued with the Bill of Rights which included free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms and so forth. Then the 10th Amendment assigned the rest of governmental responsibilities, not expressly written in the Constitution, to two groups: State governments and the people. 

51 of the 55 founders (93%) held a Christian worldview. This overwhelming super-majority believed in a higher power over government. They also believed the only fair government is one limited in size and scope, subject to the people it serves.

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Hydro-Electric Power

A principle the Founders used in forming our great nation was “equality for all, special privilege for none.” King George was well known for his favoritism towards the well connected in Britain at the expense of the colonists in America. When forming a new government the Founders wanted to ensure such favoritism in government was eliminated. However, we have strayed far from this founding principle. Obamacare is a modern day example. Nearly 2,000 pages granting hierarchy of special privileges.

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Economic Development vs. Economic Opportunity

While parts of Oregon are doing well economically (Portland/Willamette Valley), Klamath and Lake counties continue to struggle, trying to keep their heads above water in a post-Obama Great Recession world. There are two answers to this problem: Economic Development or Economic Opportunity.

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Future of Oregon Ag & Government

Recently I took an agricultural tour of four businesses located in the Willamette valley. Visiting these agricultural businesses was interesting, yet it did not stray too far from what I see everyday in Klamath and Lake Counties. While the particular crops may differ, the struggle of each farmer and rancher is all too familiar. 

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In God We Trust — Four Profound Words

On February 2, 2016, I made an appearance with five other people before the Klamath County Commissioners. My objective was to urge the Commissioners to accept a plaque that stated “In God We Trust”. I wanted all who entered that room to see the plaque. Here are my notes from my 3-minute testimony:

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New Minimum Wage Law Kills Jobs, Opportunity

Oregon missed a unique opportunity — one that is only available about once every 50 years — and our unelected Governor and her team of Democrats blew it. What am I talking about? The new 2016 Minimum Wage Law.

Recently, Seattle raised its minimum wage to $15/hour. California did as well. What if Oregon’s only action would have been to eliminate a state mandated minimum wage — where the minimum wage would have fallen to the Federal level of $7.25/hour? Think about this for a moment. If you were a medium to large business, looking to expand on the West Coast, which State would you pick? Washington or California? No. Oregon would be the sweet spot, offering the most flexibility for employers with a minimum wage over 50% less than its neighbors.

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Taxpayer Association of Oregon Endorses Reschke for State Rep.

Klamath Falls, OR — The Taxpayer Association of Oregon has endorsed E. Werner Reschke for State Representative. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon is one of the lead organizations fighting against Ballot Measure 97, a proposed $3 billion/year sales tax on Oregon’s most successful businesses.

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State Representative Gail Whitsett Endorses Reschke

Klamath Falls, OR — State Representative Gail Whitsett has written a letter of endorsement for Republican Candidate E. Werrner Reschke. The following endorsement was sent to Reschke’s campaign:

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Two Klamath County Republican Chairmen Endorse E. Werner Reschke

Klamath Falls, OR — Two former Klamath County Republican Central Committee Chairmen have endorsed local businessman and former Klamath County Chamber Board member Werner Reschke for State Representative.

The following endorsements were sent to Reschke’s campaign:

“I trust Werner Reschke because he has proven his true conservative nature...

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Oregon Firearms Federation Endorses Werner!

Klamath Falls, OR — Oregon Firearms Federation has endorsed E. Werner Reschke for State Representative #56. The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) is Oregon’s only no-compromise gun rights organization. OFF’s mission is to protect gun owners’ rights in Oregon and the United States.

E. Werner Reschke is a strong advocate of the second amendment and gun ownership rights. The following endorsement was sent to Reschke’s campaign:

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Oregon Right to Life Endorses Werner!

Klamath Falls, OR — Oregon Right To Life has endorsed E. Werner Reschke for State Representative #56. Oregon Right To Life is a non-profit organization that advocates for the most vulnerable human beings whose right to life is denied or abridged under current law.

E. Werner Reschke is a long-time advocate for Oregon Right To Life. The following endorsement was sent to Reschke’s campaign:

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