Elect Werner :: Voter's Pamphlet

Voter’s Pamplet

Occupation: President, Wrinkledog, Inc.—online marketing agency.

Occupational Background: Manager, Sales, Marketing, Web Development, Email Marketing for Wrinkledog, Inc, Xerox Corporation, Tektronix, Inc.

Educational Background: B.A. Business Administration, OSU; Sunset High School

Prior Governmental Experience: N/A

Family: Married 25 years; one son.

Experience: As a business owner Werner has seen first hand the negative impact of increased taxes, fees and regulations. Werner knows how to manage a budget and cut expenses to meet revenue challenges. Werner is a man of principle with a proven ability to work with people of different backgrounds and beliefs to find win-win solutions.

Community Service: Board Member, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce; Board of Deacons, Bonanza Community Church; active with Klamath County Republicans, Klamath Patriots and Calvary Chapel.

As your State Representative Werner will work toward:

Government’s role is not to redistribute wealth for political projects that benefit the powerful and well connected, but to protect the rights of all citizens. Salem has exceeded far beyond the boundaries of the designed rule-book: a government of, by and for the people. Only by limiting Salem’s scope and power will all Oregonians be allowed the opportunity to prosper.

The government which governs best, governs least.
Your LIBERTY First!



Doug Whitsett, State Senator #28
Gail Whitsett, State Representative #56
Klamath Basin Republican Women
Klamath County Republican Central Committee
Jeff Woodwick, Former Klamath County Republican Chair
Taxpayer Association of Oregon


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